Continental Airlines’ game changing step brings us the answers    


In early 1994, Continental Airline saw a highly toxic work culture with employee morale at an all time low. After being led by ten CEOs in ten years’ time, Continental Airline suffered a hattrick of bankruptcies. Where did the flaw lie?


Unhappy employees happened to be the root cause of the problem. But this unhappiness had stemmed from the top management. Except for the Senior Vice Presidents, employees were denied access to the 20th floor, the Executive Floor. However, in 1996, the new CEO eliminated the company-restricted access and any employee could access the floor.


The employee-first mantra worked, and the airline transformed from a last ranking airline in customer service to earning the most awards for customer service than any airline in the world.


Human touch, that’s what employees are looking for today. When an organization goes beyond set norms to engage with their team, they’ve not just established a long-term association, but created brand love in their hearts.


Research states that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. Satisfied and motivated employees are contributors to innovation, wholehearted services, evolution and go beyond to cater to customer needs.



As the glaring need for building employee relations surfaces our business eco-system, the question is that are we really addressing it? Are we looking beyond numbers and asking if employees are feeling good about where they are? Right from the top management to the managers, all must gauge employee happiness and take necessary steps to propagate.


One simple rule change gave Continental Airlines access to its team’s heart. It’s all about starting with that one small step to build foundations of a long-term employee relations.


Making changes isn’t easy. But yes, one small change can make a significant difference in building long-lasting employ relations.      


What is that small change you’ll make today to commence a long -lasting relationship with your employees?  


If you’re wondering what that game-changing step will be, click here to know more.

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